Adapted from the ancient texts...


The story of the universe in manga form.


Book 1 – The story begins with Rebellion in the heavens and failure on earth.


Book 2 – Escape from Egypt to crowning of the greatest king on earth.


Book 3 – From Solomon to the decline and eventual exile of Israel.


Book 4 – The climax of the series – the birth and death of Yeshua.


Book 5 – From Yeshua’s departure to the wild and treacherous adventures of the early church.


A lower cost short version of MANGA MESSIAH in booklet form, popular for work group or classroom distribution.


Book 6 – Still in development, MANGA MAJESTY brings all things to conclusion with the story of Revelation.

About the series...

The MANGA MESSIAH series has captured the hearts of manga fans around the world.
Biggest selling book in the history of the world in manga form.

The NEXTmanga series includes five books and over a thousand pages of genuine manga literature telling the complete story of the Bible. The project was started nearly fifteen years ago when a team of manga artists, writers and producers came together to create MANGA MESSIAH.

Since then, the NEXTmanga series has distributed more than 3 million books and 5 million booklets in 33 languages. The books have enjoyed an excellent reception by countless manga fans - young and old - around the world.

Japanese manga has a unique style which manga fans recognize and appreciate. This series is written and illustrated by two renowned manga artists, Ryo Azumi and Kelly Shinozawa. Their passion and talents have made this series an outstanding adventure into "the ancient texts."

  • Asia

    The MANGA MESSIAH series was written and developed in Japan. The books have been translated into 16 Asian languages with more in development even now.

  • Africa

    Young people on the continent of Africa read manga. In Uganda, the books have been used by hundreds of thousands of students in the public schools.

  • Europe

    MANGA MESSIAH has been translated into 12 European languages. France has become one of the largest buyers of the Manga Messiah series in the world.

  • North & South America

    All five books have been translated from Japanese into English and read by fans across North and South America.


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