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About Us

Azumi Ryō is a Japanese manga-ka who was born in Shinjyuuku, Tokyo. Ryō’s first project was a short fantasy work that gained her public attention. Her career visibly began to take off in 1982. Her works most often delve into historical fantasy and mysteries. She calls herself a history freak “otaku.”

Ryō’s largest works include the “Ring of the Nibelungs” and “Scarlet Sword,” both based on Scandinavian mythology and history. She says she tends to be drawn more toward the weaknesses in her characters than their heroic qualities. She greatly enjoyed working with the character Jeremiah in her most recent book: MANGA MESSENGERS.

In her youth, Ryō was invited to a Sunday school class by a friend where she first became acquainted with Christianity. She later decided to become a christian herself. Ryō lives in Japan and continues to work as a manga-ka. She also enjoys investing in the lives of future manga artists by lecturing on manga part time at a vocational school in Japan.

“Kelly” (Kozumi) Shinozawa is a professional manga-ka artist and author. She is the illustrator of MANGA MESSIAH and the author and illustrator of MANGA METAMORPHOSIS and other manga titles.

Shinozawa was born in Toyoda, Aichi. At 19 years old, she became a professional manga-ka when she began creating shojo manga for teen audiences. In 1990, Shinozawa won the SB first prize of the Publisher Ribbon Manga Award. This award opened many opportunities and propelled her further into her career. It was at about this time, however, that Shinozawa decided to move to New York City to attend Parsons New School for Design.

In 2004, while studying in New York City, Shinozawa became a Christian. When she moved back to Japan, she began working on the MANGA MESSIAH series. Kelly Shinozawa currently lives in Japan.