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The New Land

MANGA MELECH continues the drama of Abraham’s descendants right where MUTINY leaves off.

The people are a desperate band of wanderers. Homeless and weary in an unforgiving desert, they march toward a new land rich with green fields and abundant harvests. Their dreams are filled with the peace and rest their new homes can provide. But they are their own worst enemies; success will not come without tremendous pain and casualty.

Just when it seems their enemies will overtake them, one man rises from the land’s humble fields to unite the nation in power and victory. Although he will become one of history’s greatest kings, the forces of evil will claw at his own heart to bring him to his knees.

MELECH follows MUTINY chronologically and is the fourth book in the MANGA MESSIAH series. This dramatic story of the people’s journey and conflict in the new land is presented by renowned manga-ka Ryo Azumi.