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MANGA MESSENGERS is the mind-bending drama of the kings and prophets of Israel. Continuing right where MELECH leaves off, the descendants of Abraham have not only found their peace in the land but have ascended to become the greatest kingdom in the world. The far-reaching fame and wisdom of their mighty king, Solomon, makes him the most celebrated ruler of all time. And yet, even his great stature cannot stand above the instability of his own human heart.

This chronicle of the rise and fall of the kingdom, its heroes, and traitors, elucidates the end of a great nation brought down by stubborn rebellion. Who will save a people who seem to have overthrown themselves for the last time? And yet, the story is not over.

MESSENGERS follows MELECH chronologically and is the third book in the MANGA MESSIAH series. This eye-opening saga of the rise and fall of leaders and kingdoms is presented by renowned manga-ka Ryo Azumi.