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Murderous Oppression

MANGA METAMORPHOSIS dives right into the adventures of Yeshua’s followers after his departure. At first bewildered, they quickly see there is little time for reflection as the forces of their enemies bear down hard and fast upon them. Every ounce of courage and strength is required as these newly endangered followers hold on to their faith and to each other.

They must come to terms with the knowledge that each day could be their last, and indeed, some of them will pay for their convictions with their lives. But despite the losses and upheaval, victory is in the making, and the adventure is worth the sorrow.

METAMORPHOSIS picks up right where MESSIAH left off in the MANGA MESSIAH series. This sometimes terrifying, sometimes exhilarating tale of the spread of Yeshua’s teachings despite powerful opposition is told by talented manga-ka Kozumi (Kelly) Shinozawa.