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Battle in the Heavens

MANGA MUTINY is the story of the beginning, the creation of the world, the struggle in the heavens, the deception of humanity, and the corruption to follow.

After the corruption of man, the world becomes a hostile and dangerous environment where no one can find rest. When new hope is born through one who believes, the story of a people begins to unfold in an epic drama of universal proportions. The characters contend with courage and terror, wickedness and faithfulness, foolishness and wisdom. It is the beginning of a story of redemption like no other this earth has ever seen.

Although MUTINY is number three in the MANGA MESSIAH series, it represents the beginning of the story chronologically. The characters may or may not be familiar, but the pages will certainly surprise you as you experience the story of how it all began as presented by renowned manga-ka Ryo Azumi.