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Closing the Canon

We are now working on MANGA MAJESTY, the book of Revelation. Our desire is for young and old to come to know the Messiah and to know what the ancient text teaches about the end times. We need $110,000 to complete the project. That is $272 per verse of the book of Revelation.

Are you able to help us complete the story of the Bible and make Him known to a new generation?

Displaced Peoples

MANGA MESSIAH has proven to be a highly effective and valuable tool in sharing the good news with displaced people. So far over 123,000 copies are being read by refugees in the Middle East and throughout Europe.

These families are experiencing an unparalleled tragedy. About 6 million Syrians have had to flee war and atrocities beyond the imagination. This turmoil and distress have left many of them open and receptive, seeking the Messiah in the midst of the tragedy.

Prison Outreach

From prison chaplains who distributes NEXT Manga:

“We should invade the US prison system with these books.”

“Inmates just ate them up.”

“MANGA MESSIAH is the golden arrow.”

“You just know the kids will suck them up.”

From inmates at youth detention centers:

“It really connects with me.”

“It’s really cool. It really gives me a good visual.”

“God speaks to me through it.”

“Can I have the next one?”

From a Canadian prison chaplain, “I wanted to let you know that the creation of the Manga Bible books have been a real blessing here at the Young Offender Center. Many are reading them and taking them home for the siblings to read. Kids come up to me, excited, and tell me what they’ve read in the books. It has truly brought the Bible to Life for these young offenders.