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We challenge you to ignite this movement around the globe.

Close the Canon


The remaining book yet to be completed is MANGA MAJESTY, the book of Revelation.

  • Once complete, young and old can have the complete Bible in manga.
  • $110,000 to complete the project.  That’s only $272 per verse!
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Syrian & Afghan Refugees


123,000 copies of MANGA MESSIAH in Arabic and Farsi are now among refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and throughout Europe.

  • The second largest group fleeing to Europe is Farsi speaking Afghans
  • $50 will provide 20 Farsi language NEXTmanga books to Europe
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Open Doors to Cuba


We are excited about the opportunity to deliver NEXTmanga books to thousands of readers in Cuba. So far, the response has been amazing.

  • $30 sends 15 books to Cuba
  • $76,000 total needed for the project
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The story of the universe in manga form.


Book 1 – MANGA MUTINY – The story begins with Rebellion in the heavens and failure on earth.

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Book 2 – MANGA MELECH – Escape from Egypt to crowning of the greatest king on earth.

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Book 3 – MANGA MESSENGERS – From Solomon to the decline and eventual exile of Israel.

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Book 4 – MANGA MESSIAH – The climax of the series – the birth and death of Yeshua.

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Book 5 – MANGA METAMORPHOSIS – From Yeshua’s departure to the wild and treacherous adventures of the early church.

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Booklet Versions – THE MESSIAH & MANGA MISSION are lower cost booklets ideal for mass distribution.

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Book 6 – MANGA MAJESTY – Still in development, MANGA MAJESTY brings all things to conclusion with the story of Revelation.

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We challenge you to ignite this movement around the globe.

I've been praying for my little brother for years to stop acting up and come to the Lord. He was recently sent to jail for stealing. While in jail he came across your books and has been sending me scriptures. I know the Holy Spirit is at work in him and I have to thank you for this creative work that made him want to dig deeper in the word. Now he is reading the Bible for himself. God bless you. Please update your iPhone app too so I can download it on my phone and talk with him about the stories.... God bless you guys and thanks! ❤️

Dear Manga people, I really love your books!  My older brother loves them, too, and so does my younger brother, even though he can't read.  My whole family believes the Manga books help explain the bible and are easier to understand....  Don't stop making Manga books!  They're the best!

🙂 Ellie

Hi i am tashi - 7 years old. I love this series about God it is really colorful i also like the drawings and help you understand the bible easier Thanks for this.

Tashi (7 years old)

Thank you for the wonderful Manga Books! A colleague of mine, I am not sure whether he is a believer or not, told me that he frequently reads stories from the children's Bible to his daughter. When I heard about it, I offered him a Manga Messiah Bible and he agreed. My wife wrapped it in a special paper and I gave it to him the next day. The following day I received a message on my mobile phone with a big “DANKE” (Thank you)! Now, at times he talks to me about the stories they have been reading.

Believer in Babenhausen, Germany

Thank you so much for sending us the Manga Messiah books! We have many refugees from different countries in our area.   In connection with our work among the refugees we have started a kind of a “café” (coffee shop), which serves as a meeting place. It is always filled with refugees. I myself have a particular burden to work among children and could distribute many Manga Messiah both in German and in Arabic and got sooo many wonderful feedbacks (testimonies). Children and teenager right away start to read and are so thankful for them. Manga is quite popular here. They also do fit perfectly with the time we are living, with all the movies, computer games and so on, very often with heavy fighting between light and darkness involved. I also feel Manga Messiah is very attractive with Jesus being wonderfully and mighty portrayed. I have read it myself, both in German and English, and I feel that I can say that even for longtime believers as I, some connections included in the stories became clearer to me. I would like to pass on even more in the future...if possible also in other languages like Spanish, Albanian, Croatian, Serbian and so on...I also learned through the internet that there are even other volumes, like some from the Old Testament. Do we have the possibility to order them also...?

Pastor's wife of a church in Heidelberg, Germany

I have been showing Manga to my team, stirring up some conversations about it. Interestingly, one of our women who works in our neighbor prison ministry, told me her son is in jail for heroin. He grew up in the church, but has learning disabilities. Someone gave him the five Manga books and he hasn't been able to put them down. Great testimony for that form of Scripture.

Leader of a ministry organization

“My daughter received the manga Messiah as a Christmas gift from her sunday school. She really enjoyed reading it and finished in one day.”

Parent of manga fan

“fantastic book! i love it! it helps me understand more details in the bible. and make the bible characters more vivid to me.(i never remembered all the names of the 12.)!”

Facebook fan

“My daughter 11 years old yesterday picked up Mutiny and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN…..her words ‘AWESOME!'”

Seattle resident


The MANGA MESSIAH series has captured the hearts of manga fans around the world.


The NEXTmanga series includes five books and over a thousand pages of genuine manga literature telling the complete story of the Bible. The project was started nearly fifteen years ago when a team of manga artists, writers and producers came together to create MANGA MESSIAH.

Since then, the NEXTmanga series has distributed more than 3 million books and 5 million booklets in 33 languages. The books have enjoyed an excellent reception by countless manga fans – young and old – around the world.

Japanese manga has a unique style which manga fans recognize and appreciate. This series is written and illustrated by two renowned manga artists, Ryo Azumi and Kelly Shinozawa. Their passion and talents have made this series an outstanding adventure into “the ancient texts.”


Encourage the artists, writers, volunteers and staff who work to bring the Bible in a relevant form to the hurting and the lost.


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