• Arabic MUTINY and METAMORPHOSIS - The Arabic translations of MANGA MUTINY and MANGA METAMORPHOSIS are nearing completion. The translator for MANGA MUTINY and MANGA METAMORPHOSIS lives in Jordan and has faced many challenges completing the translations during the pandemic. Communicating some of the finer typographical distinctions in the Arabic language, over the many miles, as we created the MANGA books ... Read more
  • Norwegian MANGA MAJESTY - We recently received the completed translation of MANGA MAJESTY from Norway. The books are now in the design phase. The translator lives in Oslo, Norway and has been part of the nextMANGA team for many years. The release date for the Norwegian MANGA MAJESTY will be announced soon!
  • MANGA MAJESTY review by TWWK - TWWK, author of Beneath the Tangles anime review blog wrote a positive review of our recent book on Revelation, MANGA MAJESTY. TWWK described the challenges of writing a manga version of the book of Revelation and described some of the wins and challenges of the project. The artwork in this series lends itself well to ... Read more