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Manga is the visual language of the world's largest unreached people group: worldwide youth culture.

NEXTmanga brings the story of the Bible into the heart language of young people everywhere using this innovative, graphic novel format.

Latest Projects

Mission India

India’s Extreme Need In India, 22 million children will turn 15 this year — that’s 22 million missed opportunities to impact lives with the Gospel. Many of these children are…

Close the Canon

We are now working on MANGA MAJESTY, the manga retelling of the book of Revelation. Our desire is for young and old to come to know the Messiah and to…

Displaced Individuals

The Middle East is experiencing an almost unparalleled tragedy and Europe is receiving many refugees. About half of the Syrian population (around 6 million people) have had to flee war…

From a Chaplain:

"We should invade the US prison system with these books."

"Inmates just ate them up."

"Manga Messiah is the golden arrow."

"You just know the kids will suck them up."

From Various Readers:

"I stayed up all night reading it."

"It makes the Bible easier to understand."

"I really got into it."

"It helps me to visualize what is going on (in the Bible)."

"This Book is a GREAT work!

Not only beautiful mangas but whenever I read the Bible, it is much easier now to understand the passages as I unconsciously refer to the passages in the book!

I love Cartoons!!!"

Chaplain Shares About Students:

"One of the fellows here asked for an extra Manga Testament...it was to send to his young daughter and each day he reads her a story on the telephone which she can follow at home. "