Manga Majesty Preview

Manga Majesty is currently in Development! Here are some previews:

Close the Canon

We are now working on MANGA MAJESTY, the manga retelling of the book of Revelation. Our desire is for young and old to come to know the Messiah and to know what the ancient text teaches about the end times. We need $75,000 USD to complete the pre-press project. Are you able to help us … Read more

Displaced Individuals

The Middle East is experiencing an almost unparalleled tragedy and Europe is receiving many refugees. About half of the Syrian population (around 6 million people) have had to flee war and atrocities beyond imagination. They have left everything, including their beliefs, and many are open and receptive. The second largest people group fleeing to Europe … Read more

Open Doors to Cuba

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” -Fredrick Douglas Literacy. What a gift! And what better to learn to read than with MANGA MESSIAH – the Gospel story in manga form. NEXT has partnered with sponsors and services in Cuba to present 44,400 copies of the book to the country’s young people. … Read more

Prison Outreach

Testimonies from a prison chaplain: “We should invade the US prison system with these books.” “Inmates just ate them up.” “MANGA MESSIAH is the golden arrow.” “You just know the kids will suck them up.” From inmates at the youth detention center: “It really connects with me” “It’s really cool. It really gives me a … Read more