Displaced Individuals

The Middle East is experiencing an almost unparalleled tragedy and Europe is receiving many refugees. About half of the Syrian population (around 6 million people) have had to flee war and atrocities beyond imagination. They have left everything, including their beliefs, and many are open and receptive.

The second largest people group fleeing to Europe these days is from Afghanistan. We currently have a Farsi version of MANGA MESSIAH that is reaching Afghans and Iranians with the message of the “ancient text.”

MANGA MESSIAH has proven to be a very effective and valuable tool in sharing the Good News with them. So far 25,000 copies have been distributed in Jordan and Lebanon. Another 38,000 copies are now being distributed throughout most of Europe.

A unique opportunity is afforded to us and we desperately need your help in order to reach more of these displaced people. Will you help us? The cost per book is $2.50 delivered to those who need them. A donation of $50 will provide 20 books, which will likely be read and re-read by an estimated 60-80 people.

Student holding an Arabic translation of MANGA MESSIAH.
Student holding an Arabic translation of MANGA MESSIAH.