A Monumental Milestone

This past week we have reached a monumental milestone, thanks to our fans, our supporters, our team in Japan, our partners, readers and you. All of 10 million copies of manga books and booklets have now been printed in 40 languages.

Our vision from the beginning was to produce one million copies per year. We didn’t quite make that. It took us 12 years to reach the top of this 10 million copy climb. But what an exhilarating mountain mark it is! 10 million copies!

The Real Triumph

Ten million copies is a high number but it is certainly no goal in and of itself. The real triumph is that so many children, youth and even senior citizens have explored the Biblical story of God’s work in this world and throughout history as a result of these books and booklets. We will never forget the 72 year old man who picked up a book at a table in a shelter in Tohoku after Japan’s terrible earthquake and tsunami in 2011. He had lost everything and had no prior knowledge of the Bible. He began to read MANGA MESSIAH. Then he read it again. When ministry relief workers came to greet him (they had briefly shared and prayed with him on a previous visit to the shelter) he simply said: “You will be glad to know that I now have Jesus living in my heart”. He passed away a few years after this event.

Wow! That’s a a 72 year old man in Japan! How many more young and old have been able to read, learn and grow from this literature in so many parts of the world. There are countless individuals from all walks of life and a multitude of backgrounds, cultures and languages who have experienced the same as this man in Tohoku.

What’s Next?

We are excited when someone joins us to share the MANGA books and associated booklets with individuals who otherwise would not be able to receive them. All around the world there are places where a few dollars can bring a book to an individual who will read it over and over again and share it with friends and family. In some communities, we have investigated the use of the books and found many individual books to have been read by more than 10 people! What we take for granted, others will often treasure.

If you would be interested in learning how you can help send books to communities around the world, please click below to contact us or to donate.

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