The Manga Experience

Popular with young readers:

"Just wanted to let you know we gave the Manga New Testaments to Angela and Eaton, she's 10 and he's 8.

They read them through, loved them and continue to reread them.
Then they asked if there were Old Testament books, so we got those for them, too.

Already read!!

Thanks for introducing us to this form of the Bible.

Great for kids! "

Another chaplain writes...

"We got that shipment of Manga Mutiny lightning fast...they showed up on Monday!

The generosity of Bible League providing these great resources for inmates who can't read well or simply have a poor attention span/comprehension has been fantastic!

You guys flat out rock."

From a Teacher:

I'm just now beginning Manga Metamorphosis.

Great stuff!

The presentation of Manga Messiah was just too good to "binge read," (although I've certainly been tempted!) so I've been going through the manga slowly, giving the stories time to digest.

What a blessing you are to us!

From Scarborough, ON:

Ten year old Gabriel writes, "This summer, I was given a copy of Manga Messiah.

I thought this Bible book was an easier connection to God's word.

Even kids that don't go to church every Sunday can understand it.

My friend who is not a Christian wanted to borrow it.

The pictures helped him understand the scriptures in the Bible.

I can't wait to read the next edition!"

From a Chaplain in Manitoba:

"I and the other two chaplains were pleased with both the graphics and focus on the New Testament story of Jesus' life. "

From a Prison Chaplain:

I've been checking responses during my rounds and most of the men (inmates) are thrilled with them and want to send them to their children.

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