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Open Doors to Cuba

boy-by-houseA NEXTmanga partner in Cuba shared:

Church planters in Cuba have little if any material for young people, which is why we believe the Manga Book would be an excellent resource to bring to Cuba; especially since we know the impact it has had on young people in other countries.

We at NEXTmanga are excited to share the news with you that a door has opened for us to send manga books to Cuba. We didn’t plan or even dream of this opportunity, but as with the prison and refugee projects, this Cuba opportunity simply opened up before us. We are now planning to send a full container of MANGA MESSIAH (38,000 copies) to the nation of Cuba where they will be received by eager young readers.
The cost of these books is $2 per copy, delivered to Cuba. Frankly, we don’t have any funds for this and $76,000 is a lot of money. Yet, if this is of God – which we truly believe it is – it will happen. We do, however, need your help. This is a unique opportunity and one that we cannot let pass by. Will you help us?

A recent message from a Cuba counterpart:

We are very excited and motivated to participate in this project. My father just yesterday returned from Cuba, where he was showing the Manga Book for its pre-approval. We praise the Lord and share with you the good news that the government approved it!

All this is exciting and we are ready to move forward so we are raising funds for this project. Would you be willing to partner with us in meeting this opportunity? A donation of $50 will supply 25 books and $1000 will provide the good news of the scriptures to 500 young people in one of the world’s most spiritually hungry and open nations. What an opportunity! What a privilege!


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